Python for Data Science

This beginner-friendly course to Python for data science will boost your learning of Python, as well as programming in general. Upon its completion, you’ll be able to write your own Python scripts and perform basic hands-on data analysis using our Jupyter-based lab environment.

Learners Have Enrolled

  • What is Python?
    5 minutes
  • Python Reading Material
    30 minutes
  • What is Anaconda?
    15 minutes
  • Basics of Python
    15 minutes
  • Array Vs Lists
    10 minutes
  • Tuples, Sets and Dictionaries
    15 minutes
  • Introduction to Numpy
    15 minutes
  • Numpy Indexing
    20 minutes
  • Numpy Selection
    3 minutes
  • Introduction to Pandas
    10 minutes
  • Series in Pandas
    15 minutes
  • DataFrames in Python
    15 minutes
  • Titanic Case Study
    60 minutes
  • Course Exam
  • Course Feedback
    30 minutes

Kunaal Naik

Dell EMC


Coach Kunaal is a Marketing operations advisor at Dell EMC  with an immense passion for Data Analytics and problem solving. He’s also coach at Board Infinity, passionate about teaching Analytics to learners who want to get into Analytics. Coach Kunaal loves Yoga and scuba diving as much as Data analytics.

Our 1400+ Learners Say

“Myself, being a fresher, especially found the entire course content to be very good and easy to grasp and learn. I learnt all the topics like basics of python, array vs lists, Databases which are very important and crucial skills to possess in order to be a data scientist. I had the best learning experience with Board Infinity.”

Kunal Ikhar

“This foundation course is the best thing that has happened to me and I am totally satisfied with it. I got to learn the basics of Python, Usage of Python in Data Science and Coding using Python. I believe this program has made me much more confident about my career in Data Science. Kudos to the Board Infinity team and the expert coaches.”

Rithwikha Modal

“Heartfelt thanks to you, Board Infinity for the wonderful knowledge imparted and the learning experience provided. This foundation course helped me learn all about Data science with python, Numpy, Pandas and more. The training content and teaching pattern was worth the money invested.”

Swapnil Chitransh

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